About The Blind Installers

The Blind Installers is committed to bringing you the most personal, knowledgeable, and timely service in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial sector, we have built long-lasting relationships in the industrial, new construction, major remodels, hospitality, healthcare, universities/schools, and many other industries. We work closely with architects, designers, and general contractors. We understand the entire process…

About, Blind, Installers, Service, Professional, 20 years, Experience
About, Blind, Installers, Service, Professional, 20 years, Experience

Our Vision

Our Vision at The Blind Installers is to provide high-quality installation services that combine performance with value pricing while establishing a successful relationship with our customers. At The Blind Installers, we constantly strive to meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations of price and service. We will stay ahead of the competition by innovating new services at The Blind Installers based on the needs of our customer and market demand.

Our Mission

It is our goal at The Blind Installers to provide the highest level of service and the most competitive prices. We are driven by our 5 core company values:

  1. Excellent Customer Service
  2. Building strong relationships
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Respect for all people
  5. Doing the “right” thing
About, Blind, Installers, Service, Professional, 20 years, Experience

At The Blind Installers, our mission is to achieve profit and growth through the installation and repair service of window treatment products, to place customer service as our number one priority and to provide services specific for our clients so that we can exceed customers’ expectations. Our mission is to build a favorable, lasting relationship with our customers, partners, employees and our community by conducting all affairs with the highest moral and ethical principles.

We, at The Blind Installers, strive to set the standard for our industry in customer service and excellence.